PS4 games


PS4 exclusive games

Video games in this list have been released exclusively on the PS4, and are not available for purchase or download on other video game consoles, PC, or mobile devices.

TitleGenre(s)Release date
Deep DownRPG-
Everybody's Gone to the RaptureAdventure-
Galak-Z: The DimensionalShooter2014
Infamous Second SonAction-adventure2014
Killzone Shadow FallFirst-person shooter2013/11/15
The Order: 1886Third-person shooter, Action-adventure, platform-
The PlayroomAugmented reality2013
ResogunShoot 'em up2013
RimeAdventure, Platformer-
Shadow of the BeastAction-
Uncharted 4Third-person shooter, Action-adventure.

Not in Xbox One

Here’s a list of games you can buy for the PS4, but there are┬ánot available for purchase or download on Xbox One.

TitleGenre(s)Platform(s)Release date
Blacklight RetributionFirst-person shooter+pc2013
DC Universe OnlineMMORPG+pc, +ps32013/11/15
Daylight Survival horror+pc2014
Don't StarveSandbox, survival+pc-
Final Fantasy XIVMMORPG+pc, +ps3-
Helldivers Shoot-em-up+ps3, +ps vita2015
HohokumAvdenture+pc, +vita-
Mercenary KingsAction, RPG, Platformer+pc-
Strategy, Simulation+pc-
Planetside 2MMOFPS+pc2013/11/15
Primal Carnage: Genesis First-person shooter+pc-
Ray's The DeadAction, Strategy, Puzzle+pc-
The WitnessPuzzle+pc, +ios2014
WarframeThird-person shooter+pc2013/11/15
War ThunderMMO, combat flight simulator+pc2013

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