PS4 Games

Title Genre(s) Release date
Deep Down RPG
Driveclub Racing 2013/11/15
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture Adventure
Galak-Z: The Dimensional Shooter 2014
Infamous Second Son Action-adventure 2014
Killzone Shadow Fall First-person shooter 2013/11/15
Knack Action 2013/11/15
N++ Platform
The Order: 1886 Third-person shooter, Action-adventure, platform
The Playroom Augmented reality 2013
Resogun Shoot ’em up 2013
Rime Adventure, Platformer
Shadow of the Beast Action
Uncharted 4 Third-person shooter, Action-adventure .

Not in Xbox One

Here’s a list of games you can buy for the PS4, but there are not available for purchase or download on Xbox One.

Title Genre(s) Platform(s) Release date
Blacklight Retribution First-person shooter +pc 2013
DC Universe Online MMORPG +pc, +ps3 2013/11/15
Daylight Survival horror +pc 2014
Don’t Starve Sandbox, survival +pc
Final Fantasy XIV MMORPG +pc, +ps3
Helldivers Shoot-em-up +ps3, +ps vita 2015
Hohokum Avdenture +pc, +vita
Mercenary Kings Action, RPG, Platformer +pc
Octodad Strategy, Simulation +pc
Outlast Horror +pc 2014
Planetside 2 MMOFPS +pc 2013/11/15
Primal Carnage: Genesis First-person shooter +pc
Ray’s The Dead Action, Strategy, Puzzle +pc
The Witness Puzzle +pc, +ios 2014
Transistor Strategy +pc 2014
Warframe Third-person shooter +pc 2013/11/15
War Thunder MMO, combat flight simulator +pc 2013