Killzone Shadow Fall

  • Developer: Guerrilla Games
  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Engine: In-house engine
  • Release date: Q4 2013
  • Genre: First-person shooter
  • Distribution: Blu-ray, download

Platform: PS4 exclusive game



Killzone Shadow Fall gameplay

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Killzone Shadow Fall, 4.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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  • I bought this for a fernid of mine’s birthday. It’s a great deal, but I do wish the console were a special edition version like what was released for Metal Gear Solid 4 in Japan. Even if it were just a white console, that would have been cool. Oh well, this is a fantastic buy and Killzone 3 is great. Better controls than Killzone 2, decent continuing story from the Killzone universe, and an absolute graphical masterpiece. If this is your first PS3, I highly recommend Killzone 2, Resistance, Resistance2, the God of War Collection, God of War 3, Uncharted, Uncharted 2, and Metal Gear Solid 4 (only if you know and understand the Metal Gear series and don’t mind a lot of cut scenes). PS3 has become my favorite console (I do own a Wii and 360) and if it weren’t for the fact that I have a lot of fernids on Xbox Live this would probably be my only primary console. This is still one of the best Blu-Ray players, you can watch Netflix streaming service without having to pay extra like you do with LIVE, and you can use VUDU, MLB TV, NHL gamecenter, and if you pay for the Playstation Plus service ($50 per year) you get tons of discounts and free games on the Playstation Store. I’ve checked and for $50 with Playstation Plus I’ve already saved over $200 on the Playstation store and I haven’t even had the service for a year. Another great additive is that Sony now allows you to buy an extended warranty directly from them over the Playstation Store which automatically registers your PS3 with Sony and can extend their coverage up to 2 years. I have two PS3 s. 120gb and an original 60gb. I had to send the 60 gb in to Sony a long time ago to have the HDMI output replaced, but that is the only time I’ve had a problem with this console. I’ve had 6 Xbox 360 s. All of which failed. So which is the more dependable console? Finally the PS3 allows you to expand it’s hard drive space to any size, because it simply uses a normal SATA 2.5 HDD (Laptop hard drive). I currently have 500gb HDDs in both my PS3s and it only cost me about 60 bucks for the hard drives. Long ago when the PS3 came out I was solidly against it when compared to the 360, but since then Sony has righted many wrongs and have made the PS3 my console of choice. If you disagree, cool. To each his/her own.

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