SpecsPS4Xbox One
SpecsPS4Xbox One
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GD Star Rating
Release dateNovember 15 in North America
November 29 in Europe
November 22
CPUx86 8-core Amd Jaguar processor.
CPU frequency 1.6GHz
x86 8-core Amd custom Microsoft processor.
CPU frequency 1.75GHz
GraphicsAMD radeon GPU
  • Clock speed: 800MHz
  • Memory bandwidth: 176GB/s
  • Shaders: 1152
  • Peak Shader Throughput: 1.84 TFLOPS
AMD radeon GPU
  • Clock speed: 853MHz
  • Memory bandwidth: 64GB/s
  • Shaders: 768
  • Peak Shader Throughput: 1.33 TFLOPS
Ram8GB GDDR5 5500MHz (176GB/s)
4GB reserved for games (+additional 1GB "flex")
8GB DDR3 2133MHz (68GB/s)
5GB reserved for games
32MB of eSRAM
embedded on GPU
Optical driveBlu-ray / DVDBlu-ray / DVD
Storage space500 GB built-in HDD500 GB built-in HDD
Web connectionEthernet, Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g/nEthernet, WiFi Direct
Cloud StorageYesYes
Internet connectivity restrictionsNoNo
Used games & DRMNo restrictions. Any game discs that you buy for the PS4 are yours, and can be shared in whatever way you wishNo restrictions. Any game discs that you buy for the Xbox One are yours, and can be shared in whatever way you wish
Video supportHDMI Input

Games: Supports native 1080p output at 60 fps
Videos: Optical Output with 4K Support
HDMI Input and Output

Games: Supports native 1080p output at 60 fps
Videos: Optical Output with 4K Support
AudioHDMI and S/PDIF optical. 7.1 surround soundHDMI and S/PDIF optical. 7.1 surround sound
ControllersPS4 DualShock 4
ps4 controller

  • Rechargeable built-in battery
  • Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (3Mbps maximum speed)
  • include a clickable touch pad on the front
  • include a social-focused Share button, a built-in speaker, and a headphone jack.
Xbox One controller
xbox one controller

  • 2*AA battery
  • Connection port for headset/charging
  • Wi-Fi Direct's (250Mbps maximum speed)
  • New Trigger Rumble Motors
Motion and voice controlPS Eye
  • 2x 1280×800 Cameras x2
  • 3D View
  • Enhanced video and audio capabilities
  • Now interacts with Move and DualShock4 controllers.

PS4 Move
Kinect 2
  • 1x 1080p HD Camera
  • HD Wide angle camera allowing up to 4 active players.
  • More precise visual capabilities
  • Better voice controls Kinect can understand two voices talking at the same time
Secondary ScreenPlaystation App
  • Interoperability with any tablet/smartphone for full dashboard, PSN shop, communications, Playstation social networking.
  • Remote play via home network or internet.
  • Base OS feature, no special game developer work except mapping of Vita controls.
Xbox SmartGlass
  • Interoperability with any tablet/smartphone for full dashboard, shop, communications, and probably limited gameplay.
  • Could provide many features similar to WiiU gamepad where sticks and buttons are not required.
Back CompatibilityNo

No native, Uses Gaikai for streamed games (requires additional purchase)
Cloud computingNoYes
Operating SystemPlayStation 4 OSTriple OS (Xbox OS + Windows 8 kernel + Virtualization OS)
Online gamingPlaystation Plus
$50 - year / $18 - 3 months
Xbox Live Gold
$60 - year / $25 - 3 months / $10 - 1 month
  • PS4 Will update while switched off
  • Play digital titles as they download from the PS Store
  • Immediately pick up any game from where you left off with "suspend mode"
  • PSN Friend Limit Is Increasing
  • PS4 Chargers your Controller while Sleeping
  • Anytime remote play
  • The ‘share’ button on the DualShock 4 controller offers a gamer the choice to share some of her recorded gameplay on social and video sites.
  • You can invite an online friend to ‘watch’ or even ‘play’ your game in real time.
  • Watch live TV from your cable or satellite set-top box through Xbox One
  • The Xbox ONE's 'Snap mode' will allow multi-tasking, like watching a film and making Skype calls simultaneously
  • The console will recognise you through the Kinect camera, and once it recognises you, it logs you in
  • The Xbox has the ability to hold group video calls through the gaming console
  • Stay on top of by discovering the entertainment that is popular among your friends
  • The voice-activated software allows a user to scroll across applications, including games, tV and music. Switching from TV to gaming to music is just like changing a channel on your tv, just with the sound of your voice
Exclusive games

Complete list of games
Complete list of games
Launch titlesSeveral games will come in the days and weeks after, but for now, the following 23 games represent the official PS4 launch titles:
  1. Angry Birds Star Wars
  2. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
  3. Battlefield 4
  4. Blacklight Retribution
  5. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  6. Contrast
  7. DC Universe Online
  8. FIFA 14
  9. Flower
  10. Injustice: Gods Among Us
  11. Just Dance 2014
  12. Killzone Shadow Fall
  13. Knack
  14. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  15. Madden NFL 25
  16. NBA 2K14
  17. Need for Speed Rivals
  18. Resogun
  19. Skylanders Swap Force
  20. Sound Shapes
  21. Super Motherload
  22. Trine 2: Complete Story
  23. Warframe
PS4 launch titles
The Xbox One Launch Lineup was confirmed following Microsoft's Gamescom 2013 showcase.
  1. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
  2. Battlefield 4
  3. Call of Duty: Ghosts
  4. Crimson Dragon
  5. Dead Rising 3
  6. FIFA 14
  7. Fighter Within
  8. Forza Motorsport 5
  9. Just Dance 2014
  10. Killer instinct
  11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
  12. LocoCycle
  13. Madden NFL 25
  14. NBA 2K14
  15. NBA Live 14
  16. Need for Speed: Rivals
  17. Powerstar Golf
  18. Ryse: Son of Rome
  19. Skylanders: Swap Force
  20. Zoo Tycoon
  21. Zumba Fitness: World Party

$399 without kinect
$499 with kinect


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  • Rusty Hyatt

    PS4 really pulled ahead this generation. Thanks for showing Microsoft that sticking DRM up people’s rectum isn’t the future.

    • Dogshit Boy

      The xbox one is gonna be better

      • Carbonsage

        Says “Dogshit boy”

        • Bromley

          PS4 is way better

  • Dogshit Boy


    • Rusty Hyatt

      Better at milking your wallet? Why yes, yes it is.

      Go PS4, didn’t push DRM, better value, faster hardware, focused around gamers.

      XBOX, watch TV, sports, TV TV TV, BRAND NEW CALL OF DOOKIE, Xbox go home!

      Oh, and if you want to use netflix or that useless TV guide, be ready to keep a XBOX Live subsciption because otherwise it locks those features out, even if you don’t need game multiplayer.

      Please, they are just using every opportunity they can to milk you for some quick money. At least PS4’s online subscription is only necessary if you want to use multiplayer, and doesn’t lock out other important apps/features.

      Microsoft are being very aggressive and looking to maximize their profits by sticking it to the consumers and force you to “deal with it”. Don’t support a company like that.

      If it wasn’t for Sony your XBOX would be about as useful as a brick if it doesn’t have a constant internet connection. Oh, and since your first system update removes that nasty DRM, keep an eye out because if it was removed by a software update, they can just as easily put it back with another update after a lot of people buy the system.

      Literally the ONLY thing XBOX One has going for it this round is it’s exclusive titles.

    • Aman Bhullar

      I would agree. There is way too much emphasis on hardware of the consoles but they are not that different and the exclusive content on Xbox is way better then ps4 and then on top of that there is Kinect and benefits of cloud.

    • theCakeIsaLie
  • mgsdude

    Why does the site have the wrong picture for the dualshock 4?

    • panicshow

      thank you for the advice, It is ok now

  • mark

    The X1 has so much potential with the kinect. I am excited to see how developers will use it.

  • unbiased

    both consoles look good, but apparently the ps4 controller is better so i think i am going to get that over the xbox one

  • Giorgi Abramishvili

    only on playstation!!!

  • alberto

    ps4 all the way

  • kev

    ps3 was more powerful than 360 and look what happened there

  • cuxi

    gooooooooooo PS4
    besssssstttttttt eveeeerrrrr

  • tebas

    The xbox 1 is way cooler

    • thy

      yeah crappy graphics are soo much better -_-

  • puviuiliuvuvlilviuuvliuvli

    ps4 is best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • puviuiliuvuvlilviuuvliuvli

    but xbox 1 is best

  • Gaurav Kale

    this comparision is wrong

  • Gaurav Kale

    but ps4 is best

  • sdasd


  • http://Facebook mick

    Xbox one is way better got the kincet and exclusive and Xbox live
    Ps4 is good but definetly not better then Xbox one if you think so your dulodied.

  • click

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  • thy

    play station all the way. but if it was xbox 360 that all the way.

  • Nico

    Ps4 has killed Xbox one they have had to change everything to become more like playstation just to sell there crappy VHS consoles!

  • Dude

    Hardware is very similar. How the software was implemented now decides which one will have the best performance

  • PC Gamer

    Wait, isn’t that comparison wrong? Isn’t the Xbox One only 720p Native, while the PS4 is 1080p? (Full HD)

    Please don’t fuel Microsoft’s wallet, I, as a humble PC Gamer recommend PS4, to anyone who prefers console. Just brought one myself and I’m glad I chose the right console to play exclusives on.

  • jay

    But guys think about it, remote play with ps4 coolest feature ever created in console history

    • BlessedSpear

      Lmao No my friend….Ever heard of the Wii U???Does basically the exact same thing.

  • Rupert

    I’ve always loved Xbox, I’ve been playing ever since the first. I have an Xbox original and a Xbox 360. I was so excited about the Xbox One and Microsoft gives us this VHS piece of crap. It’s not the worst console in the world, it’s just the worst gaming console for new gen. I was really hoping xbox one to be what the ps4 is now as I have made a lot of progress on my xbox live account, but now I am forced to change providers because of what Microsoft gave us, I am extremely disappointed.

    But moving on to Playstation 4 wasn’t the worst thing in the world, I’m glad I made that decision. I hope you guys make it too.

  • Jemmel

    I’ve been with PlayStation since ps1 and have no regrets with my ps4 i will admit that the PS3 was disappointing but the ps4 sure makes up for it. The Xbox 1 has a lot of to features but I buy a gaming console to game not to watch tv on my tv!

  • Joe Brown

    SOME of the above specs weren’t accurate…Bluetooth is a much stronger and transferable connection than Wifi-direct (the specs on the controller were wrong), X1 Games have yet to be in 1080p native at 60 fps & Def NOT 4K ready (it has the blu ray drive from PS3, while the PS4 blu ray drive is 6xs CAV = 4K), They left out how you can upgrade the PS4 with ANY 2.5 HDD including SSD, the Graphics Card Clock Speed has been switched (its the PS4 Graphics card that has superior output and clock speed by nearly 50%), & the X1 does Not have 7.1 SRS native either…it has 5.1….

  • tttt

    i dont want to watch tv. i wanna play games!

  • albert marquez

    You all are dumb Xbox for life bitches you ps4 fans exclusives to look forward to little big planet 3! Omg fags while im here waiting for my gears of war halo dead rising sunset wow it’s like ps4 is for kids and the adults well u know they can afford Xbox one Cuz its better your cheep wine compared to our finest get real get a job get Xbox

  • Rtlegend85

    Could someone inform me why my x1 constantly needs updates for games? I would like. . . Just once, to put a game on and play it. Not wait 20 minutes for an update.