Video games have been released exclusively on the PS4, and are not available for purchase or download on other video game consoles, PC, or mobile devices.





PS4 Slim vs Xbox One S. Specs Comparison and Poll. Go vote!

Hello everyone and welcome to my website, my name is Ted Humer, I am obsessed with gaming and these are two of my favorite consoles so after being urged by family and friends to set up an informational site, I have finally done it. I will be adding content as time goes on, but for now enjoy the table below.

SpecsPS4Xbox One
Release DateNovember 15 in North America November 29 in EuropeNovember 22
CPUx86 8-core Amd Jaguar processor. CPU frequency 1.6 GHzx86 8-core Amd custom Microsoft processor.
CPU frequency 1.75GHz
GraphicsAMD radeon GPU
Clock speed: 800MHz
Memory bandwidth: 176GB/s
Shaders: 1152
Peak Shader Throughput: 1.84 TFLOPS
AMD radeon GPU
Clock speed: 853MHz
Memory bandwidth: 64GB/s
Shaders: 768
Peak Shader Throughput: 1.33 TFLOPS
Ram8GB GDDR5 5500MHz (176GB/s)
4GB reserved for games (+additional 1GB "flex")
8GB DDR3 2133MHz (68GB/s)
5GB reserved for games
32MB of eSRAM
embedded on GPU
Optical driveBlu-ray / DVDBlu-ray / DVD
Storage space500 GB built-in HDD500 GB built-in HDD
Web connectionEthernet, Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/g/nEthernet, WiFi Direct
Cloud StorageYesYes
Internet connectivity restrictionsNoNo
Used games & DRMNo restrictions. Any game discs that you buy for the PS4 are yours, and can be shared in whatever way you wishNo restrictions. Any game discs that you buy for the Xbox One are yours, and can be shared in whatever way you wish
Video supportHDMI Input

Games: Supports native 1080p output at 60 fps
Videos: Optical Output with 4K Support
HDMI Input and Output

Games: Supports native 1080p output at 60 fps
Videos: Optical Output with 4K Support
AudioHDMI and S/PDIF optical. 7.1 surround soundHDMI and S/PDIF optical. 7.1 surround sound
ControllersRechargeable built-in battery
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR (3Mbps maximum speed)
include a clickable touch pad on the front
include a social-focused Share button, a built-in speaker, and a headphone jack
2*AA battery
Connection port for headset/charging
Wi-Fi Direct's (250Mbps maximum speed)
New Trigger Rumble Motors
Motion and voice controlPS Eye
2x 1280×800 Cameras x2
3D View
Enhanced video and audio capabilities
Now interacts with Move and DualShock4 controllers.
Kinect 2
1x 1080p HD Camera
HD Wide angle camera allowing up to 4 active players.
More precise visual capabilities
Better voice controls Kinect can understand two voices talking at the same time
Secondary ScreenPlaystation App
Interoperability with any tablet/smartphone for full dashboard, PSN shop, communications, Playstation social networking.
Remote play via home network or internet.
Base OS feature, no special game developer work except mapping of Vita controls.
Xbox SmartGlass
Interoperability with any tablet/smartphone for full dashboard, shop, communications, and probably limited gameplay.
Could provide many features similar to WiiU gamepad where sticks and buttons are not required.
Back CompatibilityNo native, Uses Gaikai for streamed games (requires additional purchase)No
Cloud computing NoYes
Operating SystemPlayStation 4 OSTriple OS (Xbox OS + Windows 8 kernel + Virtualization OS)

Reasons to allow your Children to Play Video Games

Are you worried that your child spends a lot of time playing video games? Well, gaming has proved to have many benefits in the cognitive development of your child. It is true that physical exercises will help your child to have strong muscles, but when they play video games, their brain gets stimulated and improves its performance. We have compiled a list of reasons for you to allow your children to play video games:

Builds their problem-solving ability:

Video games can help in the development of your child’s brain. Most of the video games have various tasks where your child have to solve many puzzles, plan out their move and try out many things before they could actually finish the game. Such games allow your child to be more creative and it helps them to think in a creative manner. You don’t have to label a video game as educational for your children to learn many creative new ideas.

Helps your kids learn about history and culture:

There are games which talk so much about the history and culture of a particular country. Games such as Age of Empires and civilisation will kindle your interest in subjects like history and geography. Video games are a great way to help your kids learn many new things in a fun and creative manner.

Encourages physical exercises:

Kids are very eager to practise in real life what they do in video games. Most kids want to try out the move they had made at a basketball game. Kids are motivated to come together and practise their favourite sports move which they had played in the video games. Playing realistic sports video games encourage children to practise the same moves on their own in the real world.

Helps them be competitive:

Many video games allow multiplayer where you can play along with your friends. When your kid plays with his/her friends, they will be able to learn the competitiveness, and it gives them the ability to fight their way to the top.

Allows your child to teach:

A recent study showed how kids loved to teach the game they are playing to another child. Their brain starts to think, and they are constantly thinking about how they can move from one place to the other and solve the puzzle. When they teach another child about the game they are playing, it builds their communication skills, and at the same time, they also have someone with whom they can discuss the game.



It brings you closer to your child:

As parents, we think that we are not able to spend so much time with our children. But take some time out of your schedule to play video games with your children and see how they will jump in excitement.